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Presenting the title track from Solarstone's universally critically praised new album.

'Touchstone' is the title track from Solarstone's critically acclaimed new album. This is what Mixmag say about it: “Throbbing bass lines, low-slung beats, live-sounding and heavily looped guitar riffs and super-evocative melodies all find their way into the mix. Essentially it's the summer of '99 re-calibrated and refined for 2010. Taking it to the clubs, both the Aly & Fila & Forerunners remixes have their place for different times of the night, but it’s Solarstone's own taking-no-prisoners remap that covers the most ground.'”
In addition to the mixes highlighted by Mixmag, Cassino & Laben deliver an after hours Balearic chill-fest oozing charm. The Album Version is there with its glorious intro and finally there's a handy Video Mix for radio jocks.

Additional Guitar by Nigel Summers
Produced by Solarstone
Written and Arranged by Richard Mowatt

1. Touchstone [Club Mix]
2. Touchstone [Aly & Fila Remix]
3. Touchstone [Forerunners Remix]
4. Touchstone [Cassino & Laben Remix]
5. Touchstone [Album Version]
6. Touchstone [Video Mix]