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Matvey Emerson
"Dark Water"

Matvey is one of Russia's rising production stars

Matvey is one of Russia's rising production stars with previous releases on System Recordings and Solarstone's Electronic Architecture 2 compilation.
Original Mix: This is deeply slung spacious thundery progressive trance. An incessant minor keyed analogue synth pluck melody builds in release and filter tension throughout the track, evaporating into sensual breath sounds which take the track down into an intense big room breakdown.
Andy Power Remix: Cranking things up massively, Andy Power's remix fuses elements of techno and tribal grooves. Taking the lead melody and smashing it up with a huge reverbed and panned effect, Andy introduces techy stabs and dark arpeggiated tones, sharp percussive hits in the break leading to a massive tense and sustained pay off. This is major league stuff for harder floors.

Written & Produced by Matvey Emerson.
Published by Alpha Numeric Music (BMI).
(P) & (C) 2011 Crashing Waves Recordings

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