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David West
"Suffering Island"

Melodic riffs and powerful rhythms combine in this production from Swedish producer David West

Swede David West(erlund) is one half of the Antiloop collective... and also one hell of a producer. Just listening to his productions inspires you to pick up the keyboard and Pro-tools and start producing. Here we see the master at his art with his new track "Suffering Island". Its a collage of melodic arppegiated riffs, solid muscular bass grooves all anchored with some amazing drum programming. Trance for 2006 how it is meant to be, no cheese in here please. The week after this track was finished Armin Van Buuren opened up his weekly ASOT show with it. The B-Side sees a melodic mix from (one half of Norways Alt-F4) Joonas Hahmo, who has just had his debut solo single released as the 1st vinyl on Andy Moors Ava recordings label.

Written and Produced by David West.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) 2006 Solaris Recordings
(C) 2006 Solaris Recordings

1. Suffering Island
2. Suffering Island [Joonas Hahmo Mix]