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Mike Storm
"Airflow EP"

High energy driving debut EP from Polish producer Mike Storm

Polish based Mike Storm sure knows how to produce slamming peaking time trance. That's why when his demo arrived at Solaris we signed it almost straight away. Mike's music just oozes quality and listening to the production values you would have thought this was Mike's 10th release not his first.
We open up the EP with the uplifting Airflow, here the bassline does the talking, its a riff in itself and drives the whole track along. Melodies dart in and around the beat and there is even some uplifting piano to add to the euphoria. On the flip Critical Hit takes things slightly more minor key buts keeps the BPM high and energy overflowing. Again basses do the talking, again there is the riff, this time reminiscent of Andy Moor & Above and Beyonds "Air For Life". A fine debut on Solaris.

Written by Mariusz Turski.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2008 Solaris Recordings

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