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Harley Soan
"Long Drive Home"

Debut release from Australian progressive trance producer Harley Soan

'Long Drive Home' is one of most beautiful tracks on Solarstone's 'Electronic Architecture' CD, unsurprisingly as it is obviously heavily influenced by the classic 'Solarstone' sound with its haunting guitar melodies and evocative chord progressions. Harley himself hails from Victoria, Australia and this is his debut release. The Original mix is a smooth fairly deep progressive trance affair with a floor shaking sub bass. The Majera remix however (another Aussie producer!) cranks things up to peak time trance levels. Although the pace is modest (131bpm) the track has all the energy of a much faster record, and works incredibly well on a big system, as proven by Solarstone at Defcon in Melbourne in February 2009, to 4000 overheating Aussie clubbers.

Written & Produced by Harley P. Soan.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2009 Solaris Recordings

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