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Mark Pledger, Ft. Melinda Gareh
"Time Stands Still Remixed"

Second instalment of Mixes

'Time Stands Still' has been a massive success for Solaris, and now here is the second installment of mixes. Dj Eco's version has eastern overtones to it, with it's thunderous production it deserves the top spot in this selection of new mixes.
Abdomen Burst really turned out heads with this wonderful version, any Banco De Gaia fans out there will love this with it's rolling breaks and cinematic soundscapes. The 7 Skies mix is a straightforward upliftinf trance re-rub which is deftly executed, and we've also thrown in a dub of this mix for those long Gatecrasher nights. Finally Red Rover tweaks the tech-trance knobs to full effect with a slamming remix.

Written by Mark Pledger & Melinda Gareh.
Produced by Mark Pledger.
Published by Fairwood / Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2009 Solaris Recordings

1. Time Stands Still [Dj Eco Remix]
2. Time Stands Still [Abdomen Burst Synthetic Sunrise Mix]
3. Time Stands Still [7 Skies Remix]
4. Time Stands Still [Red Rover Remix]
5. Time Stands Still [7 Skies Dub]