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Orkidea & JS16
"Hale Bopp"

Here we present a selection of remixes from Orkidea's forthcoming '20 Remixed' edition.

Orkidea is one of Trance scene's original innovators, his DJ sets are legendary for their programming and his productions remain at the forefront of the Pure Trance movement. 'Hale Bopp' is taken from his '20' career spanning opus.
'Hale Bopp' was of course originally released by Der Dritte Raum on Additive back in 1998, any Trance purist worth their onions should be aware of this classic record. Orkidea and JS16 come together to put their own slant on this legendary track. Orkidea Remix interpretation remains faithful to the intricate melodic structure of the original track but presents those beautiful passages in inimitable Orkidea style. Vocal stabs, gated filtering synth patterns and the unmissable spiraling arpeggio are all present and correct before 'Hale Bopp's' head spinning baseline lead riff drops at the break - subsequently propelled into the trance stratosphere by Tapio's Pure Trance production. The Original Mix is more of the same but at a more sedentary pace, while fellow Fins Timewave turn up the pro knob with their mix, dark thunderous rhythms and a muted baseline lay the ground work until huge cascading pads, fat chorused leads and analogue sequences provide the payoff.

Written by Andreas Krüger.
Produced by Tapio Hakanen and Jaakko Salovaara.
Published by Manuskript.
Licensed to Solaris Recordings.
(P) & (C) 2011 T:mi DJ Orkidea

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