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Jean-Luc Wu
"Mystic Mountain"

This is the 15th release on the world's very first - and only - social network record label.

Second release on Solarswarm by Jean-Luc, and this record plots similar terrain to his previous outing 'Music Box'. An intricate orchestral arrangment forms the bed of this beautiful piece of music, Jean picks out layers of the orchestration and assigns them to electronic tones, weaving multiple parts together around a tight progressive trance groove, into something which starts subtle but after a couple of listens, gets right under your skin. Fellow Swarm artist Adam Fielding throws down something mighty fine with his 'Celluloid' remix, a deep chugging groove underpins a fantastic melodic journey which would not sound out of place on a classic Global Underground compilation.

Written & Produced by Jean-Luc Wu.
Published By Solarstone Music Limited.
(P) & (C) 2012 solarSwarm Recordings

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