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8 Wonders
"8th Wonder"

New big room remixes of 8 Wonders' original trance release

Following up big releases from Solarstone and Way Out West (Killa) Solaris now deliver a big room trancer from Canadian Arney Secerkadic (8 Wonders). Originally released on Lost Language in 2004, here we get a big room mix from Armada & Anjuna favorite Alt-F4, big room bass and pads with the haunting high lines from the original. Arney takes things on a more progressive dubbier outing on the b Side. Check the CD (or download) for 2 extra mixes from Russian newcomer Action Level & Perfect Pitch.

Written and Produced by Arney Secerkadic.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) 2006 Solaris Recordings
(C) 2006 Tirade Records

1. 8th Wonder [Alt-F4 Mix]
2. 8th Wonder [Deep Dub]
3. 8th Wonder [Action Level Mix]
4. 8th Wonder [Perfect Pitch Mix]