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Solarstone & Alucard
"Late Summer Fields"

First single from Solarstone's 'Rain Stars Eternal' album

Solarstone are masters of the trance genre and this is their first new material since 2005 and is a vocal trance monster in their finest tradition. Already featured on four compilations included Ferry Corsten – Passport USA.
This is the first Single from the new forthcoming Solarstone album 'Rain Stars Eternal'. Mixes here from Andrey Burtaev who takes things off in an electro angle and Japanese newcomer Ocot who delivers pure high quality trance all the way.

1. Late Summer Fields [Solarstone Deeper Sunrise Mix]
2. Late Summer Fields [Solarstone Deeper Sunrise Dub]
3. Late Summer Fields
4. Late Summer Fields [Ocot Mix]
5. Late Summer Fields [Andrey Burtaev Mix]
6. Late Summer Fields [Alucards Vocal Mix]
7. Late Summer Fields [Peter Ms Monday 5AM Mix]
8. Late Summer Fields [Alucard Original Instrumental]